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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Windyloo - A B Thomas.

This poem was found in a toilet (of all places) at The Boulder Creek Rest Area in Queensland, Australia.

Windyloo - by A B (Trombone) Thomas.

In campsites 'round Australia
the Loos - well they are mixed
There are some that need a cleaning
and some that should be fixed.

Some of them are long drops
and some don't drop at all
There are those that have rude drawings
and verses on the wall.

There are loos that have big spiders
and a fat cane toad or two
One of which you recognize
must be from another loo.

Once they charged a penny
although now they are all free
In some of them the door won't close
so everyone can see.

But up in sunny Queensland
beside a secret creek
Some just go to contemplate
and some to have a leak.

It's just behind a boulder
and beside another two
It's the best one in Australia
And they call it WINDYLOO!


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